Brony Culture

Brony Culture is much like any other fandoms or religions have their own culture. The Brony fandom is no different.  Our culture is wrapped around our beliefs; which are to love, tolerant and in general be a good person who can make and maintain friends. A few activities that we do as part of our culture is make yourself “ponified.” Where we make our self as a pony from the MLP universe; either it’s us as a pony or how we’d see ourself as a pony. It’s our original character or oc. We also watch the shows, make products and forms of entertainment. I personally am a writer and I’ve written a few fan-fictions or fanfics for short. And fellow bronies love them. There’s also animators, voice actors, drawers and just any and every type of art form there is at lease one brony make MLP stuff and they’re using  that art form to do so. We’ve made alternate universes where is character x in a universe where things are different . Either it’s anew thing or a crose over. That’s two different genres of anything movie, games, etc. You merge them in to one thing that’s a cross over and as you can see it can still be mind blowing.Image result for awesome mlp war art Other things we do is meet in groups or as some call it, “herds” and just hang out. Many herds went and saw the movie and many more watch the show together. We are a in general the same type of fandom as every famdom but we like or love the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic an we’re proud of that.


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“Big Shot” Bronies

There are so many people who are Bronies and many people didn’t know about it and there are some that are clearly bronies. If you search on YouTube Hidden Bronies you’ll get as of 12/4/17 you’ll get 5,670 videos, if we Google the same thing you’ll get 146,000 similar things. But a few of people that are pretty famous and are Bronies are Xavier Woods, William Shatner, Corey Graves, Gabe Newell, Andrew W.K, Pringleponies, Chris Evans. Dylan Robinson are just to name a few. Then on YouTube there’s some that are cleary Bronies and some you wouldn’t thing of. There’s Piemations, TheLostNarrator, MagiePie, The Living Tombstone, AnimatedJames and Moliminous are another few. There’s even speculation that Markiplier is a Brony, this was in one of his videos ( about a Charaity Livestream. Now in the description his said that that was for one video but the internet has said other. Regardless  Bronies come in all shapes and sizes. So they all are still the same people that there before were Bronies. And people on YouTube are the most common peole that psot brony stuff so thete are other websites that i don”t even know of where there are famous or popular Bronies that are more well know or not well known but are an icon for bronies.



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Cons, or conventions are in every fandom but Brony’s ones are very import to us. It is either to to meet up with each other or to expand our knowledge or even our collections. Now i have NOT been to a Con yet so my total knowledge is limited on the subject but I’ve done a  lot of research so this would be what i have learned. The total amount of cons are 13 in the US alone. And with 28 more that will be world wide. Now many Bronies aren’t load and can’t afford a few hundred plane ticket and expo tickets, not to mention the merch which for BronyCon (the biggest convention) 2016 a plane ticket from Denver to Baltimore was $160.00, a hotel booking as minute was $200.00, the ticket to the expo was $150.00. The you have food, transportation and merch buying. Which came up to a total to close to $1,500.00 to $3,000 if you wanted to leave tips. Now many can’t afford that; that’s why i didn’t go last year, but the 2016 BronyCon  had 7,609 attendees. The tings to do at these cons are the same as if you would do at any other con for a different fandom. Meet cast members, buy merchandise, meet content creators, and meet other fans and have a good time. One such person who does a few of these things is YouTube Animator named Piemations and his vidoe he did for BronyCon 2015. and that video show is the basicsabout Brony conventions.




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Viewed by society

Most think that the Brony fandom is a confusing one and too weird for boys and men to enjoy a show for girls. They (they being “outsiders to the fandom” expect the worst. Bronies tend to be more introverted and more agreeable then non-bronies. Many other Bronies can relate to this because either they are or they know fellow bronies that are. The happiest bronies tended to come from open-minded homes with accepting, more liberal parents. These identified many of these bronies as “social bronies.” secret bronies,” compared this group to masked pony overseer “Mare Do Well”, were described as “dedicated, engaged and caring, but secret about their identity, typically comes from close-homes. But after all most of all Bronies are loving and tolerant everyone. Many find us to be easy targets to bully. Much alike the countless other outsiders who found each other online, bronies sought each other out and created places to congregate. Now they’re everywhere: Fan blogs, Tumblr, Ponychan, even the United States military. A brony delegation is building MLP worlds in Minecraft. They host gatherings and conventions that attract thousands. And they’ve used their love of the show to challenge entrenched notions about what men and boys can like and feel, even as they’ve reshaped the meaning of fandom. So we are hated by a lot, loved by a lot, and others that don’t care; we are still humans after all.Bronies


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Social Unity

This is one of the biggest reasons why i’m writing as a Brony for and about Bronies. This show has united thousands of people in single towns, and millions globally. BronyCon which is the largest convention for Bronies have on Eastern US, that number for attendies were 7,609. That’s one for the Eastern US. There’s conventions in France, Germany, UK, other parts of the US, Japan, China; yea China has conventions. picCountries around the world all have Bronies. And this social unity brings us even closer than a group of people all liking the same show. In a personal experience i’ve seen random people to and talk to fellow Bronies on chat sites, and when a bully or a troll gets involved than in mass numbers each other are defended and defending. Not bad for a show that promotes love and tolerance. With an wide age group with both genders there’s dating websites chat sites, and anything else that Bronies can do to interact with each other and non-bronies too. The unity is so strong YouTubers state that their Bronies. One of the largest Brony YouTubers is a music channels. As of 2016 Thelivingtombstone had 689,289 subscribers. Now he has 2,705,006. All of those new 2,015,717 subscribers subbed to him. Now not all of them are Bronies but that number based on his content and the fact is brony; a large amount of them are bronies.

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Creative Freedom

Now some of you who aren’t Bronies wonder about why be a Brony? Well one of the biggest reasons is the creative Freedom that it brings. There are so many different types of creative abilities. Singing, writing, drawing, animations, and many, many more. Any and all of these are used and practiced. For example i’m a writer and a fair bit of people think i’m a great one, well i’m no F. Scott Fitzgerald or anyone like that. Then we’ve got the artist with good and mind blowing pieces of art. Much like the following picture.celestia

This picture is painted. It’s mind blowing. This picture  is from xxxpegasister4lifexxx-blog from Tumblr. Look at it, it’s amazing; its about a character in My Little Pony. This is just one piece of their art. This fandom has some many people in the fandom, there was a survey that got 1,000 people who took it stated that they’re Bronies With some math they figured out that an estimated amount of Bronies in the world is around 240 million. If every one in 15 are artist then that’s a lot of art. So there is clearly that art is well alive. Go to any picture type of social media like Pintrest, Tumblr, 4chan, or something else that i don’t know and see the amount of art the is. Good or less that good. The fact is that there is a lot of art and there will also be more art, even when Generation 4 shops airing and Generation 5 starts there’ll just be even more art to be made.

Season 8 thoughts {Leaked}

Caution, this contains some spoilers from the net season; season eight of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For those who either want to know and haven’t seen the leaked footage or you have and want t o read my… “wonderful” and truly “awesome” typing then stay. So the footage is an “animatic”; which means that it’s not done with successive sections of a storyboard and sometimes adding a soundtrack. And so we have “somepony” wanting to take pictures of the main six for the “Canterlot Historical Society” for the Friendship section. So after a while she takings pictures of them and also Starlight. While she is “pretty-ing” them up, she messes with their manes and plucks a hair strain from them all, not Starlight thought which gives the vibe that she doesn’t like Starlight. She then rushes out of Twilight’s castle and then says that she has everything that she needs. After a second she turns into the only villain that hasn’t been reformed… Queen Chrysalis. Then it fades to black; so a lot of interesting info here. My thought s are that A) with will be a great season and B) that since it’s an animatic they might change a lot of things. My biggest question beside what’s Chrysalis’s plan; i why didn’t she want to take Starlight’s picture? After all Starlight messed up her plan which was just about flawless. She also swore that it will be the worst kind of vengeance she could ever imagine. So high hopes and expectations for the next season and t

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